Friday, July 22, 2011

DXE? Can it really be you?

So I was perusing a thread over at Maintankadin about Boss Mods and it came up that DXE was updated and available for Cataclysm.

How did I miss this momentus event?

When I first started raiding during BC, I used Big Wigs. And I loved it. As far as I was concerned, Big Wigs was the only boss mod for me. Wrath came out, and all the way through Tier 7, I still used Big Wigs.

Then I changed guilds, and started raiding Ulduar-25. I was still using Big Wigs, but I quickly started noticing that Big Wigs gave me alerts that DBM wasn't giving, and vice-versa.

For instance: On the Kologarn fight in Ulduar, Big Wigs would make a big audible alert whenever the Kologarn tank had 2 stacks of "Crunch Armor". Basically, Big Wigs told me exactly when to taunt the boss. However, I learned that everyone else in the guild was using DBM, so I switched to DBM as well. At least that way, we would all be working with the same set of timers. After I switched to DBM, I screwed up the Kologarn fight the first time, because DBM didn't give me the "Crunch Armor" alert that Big Wigs did. Regardless, I liked a lot of the features of DBM, and stuck with it until well into ICC.

That is when I discovered Deus Vox Encounters (a.k.a. DXE). I instantly loved DXE. I liked the options interface better that DBM, the little "dock" with the boss health, the sounds (although they took a little getting used to), the 3D arrow, the whole "sh'bang". I got so used to the different sound alerts from the Lich King fight, that I still hear them in my sleep sometimes (quick, pickup the Raging Spirit before it kills someone!).

So, as I stated at the beginning of the post, DXE is available and up to date for Cataclysm. Guess what i am downloading as soon as I get home tonight?

I'll give you three guesses, but only the first one counts.

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